Memory Scanner

This movie is about overhauling the “American criminal justice system” and “attorney client privileges”. It is about “Defunding the criminal Justice System & not defunding the police”

We will uncover the wrongful death verdicts, attorneys that misuse the loophole of attorney client privileges to hide the criminals, criminals that are free on the streets due to wrong verdicts, innocents that are behind the bar that never committed the crime, the jury, DNA and facial recognition system that has been broken and massive court costs that the governments spend.

Brain scanners after their inceptions, will be placed in police stations to determine if the suspect that has been apprehended is guilty or innocent.

Our brain just like a computer hard drive stores pictures and audio from the day that we are borne. Tapping to the segments of the memory has always been difficult, however pinpointing the timeline that the crime has taken place would set the innocent individual free or describe the crime without any manipulation for the judge to decide the punishment.

Let’s take a journey together to explore the possibility of overhauling the present criminal justice system. Let’s explore the possibility of placing smart chips in the brain of criminals and terrorists to give us signals prior to their intent to do massive shooting or destroy properties and kill innocent people. In seconds such intentions can alert the authorities before the incident.

In the same journey, let’s free the innocents that have been put in prison, bypass the DNA and identify the criminals.

Murder, rape, terrorism, espionage and high profile cases will no longer need the lengthy trials.

Dishonest criminal defense attorneys can no longer hide the murderers behind the “curtain of attorney client privileges” and charge hefty fees.

Memory scanner can abolish the federal court buildings nationwide, abolish the jury system and get to the truth in minutes.

Come along with us to see the movie.

     Murder, rape, terrorism, espionage and high profile cases will no longer require lengthy trials.
     Dishonest Criminal Defense Lawyers may no longer hide murderers behind the curtain of “Attorney-Client Privilege” charging hefty fees.
Cerebral hemisphere. Corpus callosum. Third ventricle. Choroid plexus of third ventricle. Occipital lobe of cerebral hemisphere. Thalamus (encloses third ventricle) Anterior commissure. Pineal gland (part of epithalamus) Hypothalamus. Corpora quadrigemina. Optic chiasma. Cerebral aqueduct. Midbrain. Pituitary gland. Cerebral peduncle. Mammillary body. Fourth ventricle. Pons. Choroid plexus. Medulla oblongata. Cerebellum. Spinal cord. (a)
     Memory scanner can abolish the Federal Court Buildings nationwide, abolishing the Jury System getting to the truth in minutes. 
     Come along with us to witness the film for yourself.